Amazon Lets You Save on Legacy of Discord Diamonds

Step 1:
Purchase Amazon Coins bundle.

Stock up on Amazon Coins bundles first. While you can purchase Amazon Coins at the same time you buy Diamonds, getting Amazon Coins ahead of time will preload your account, saving you time and hassle when you're immersed in the game.

Note: Amazon Coins can be purchased at any time both on and within Legacy of Discord (when Legacy of Discord is downloaded through the Amazon Appstore).

Step 2:
Sync your game progress with your Facebook, Twitter, or GTArcade account (guest players only).

If you played as a guest, you don't have to worry about losing any of your Legacy of Discord data because Facebook, Twitter, and GTArcade automatically sync your in-game progress and purchases on their servers. That way, whenever you log back in you can resume playing right where you left off, regardless of the device you’re playing on.

How to sync your game progress to Facebook, Twitter, or GTArcade (guest players only).
  1. Tap the green arrow to reveal "Benefits."

  2. Tap "Benefits."

  3. Tap "Account."

  4. Select "Binding" on the left hand side.

  5. Now, select which account you want to sync your game progress to.

Step 3:
Uninstall the Google Play version of Legacy of Discord from your Android device.

Once you have successfully linked your account to Facebook, Twitter, or GTArcade, go back to the home screen on your phone and uninstall the Legacy of Discord app.

Note: This will NOT work unless you uninstall the Google Play version of Legacy of Discord. Amazon Coins are only available on Legacy of Discord when the game is downloaded through the Amazon Appstore.

Step 4:
Download the Amazon Appstore using your Android device.

The Amazon Appstore is essential if you want to be able to purchase Diamonds for Legacy of Discord at a discount.

Preparing to download the Amazon Appstore

To make sure you can properly install the Amazon Appstore, you'll have to update your phone settings by turning on "unknown sources."

To do this, go to Settings → Security and toggle "Unknown sources" to "ON" so you can install the Amazon Appstore.

This app is built by Amazon. It is perfectly safe to add to your Android device.

Downloading the Amazon Appstore

You can use the link below to download the Amazon Appstore (please be aware this app is not available through the Google Play store).

After following the above URL, click "Download Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings."

This will prompt an .APK file to download onto your phone.

When the download is complete, run the .APK file to install the Amazon Appstore app.
Complete the installation process.
Once the Amazon Appstore has finished installing, open the app.

Step 5:
Open the Amazon Appstore for Android, sign in to your Amazon account, and download Legacy of Discord.

To Download Legacy of Discord:
  1. Sign in to the Amazon Appstore with your Amazon account (if you do not have one, you will need to create one).

  2. Legacy of Discord should download automatically. If it doesn’t, you can always find it by typing "Legacy of Discord" into the search bar on top.

  3. Find, select, and install Legacy of Discord.

Step 6:
Launch Legacy of Discord and sign in to your Facebook, Twitter, or GTArcade account.

You now have the "Amazon" version of Legacy of Discord. With this version, you can now get exclusive access to Amazon Coins. Simply open Legacy of Discord and sign in to your Facebook, Twitter, or GTArcade account.

Step 7:
Buy Diamonds and start saving.

Great! You’re just one step away from using Amazon Coins to start saving on Legacy of Discord Diamonds.

  1. In Legacy of Discord, tap the Diamonds section on the top right of the screen.

  2. Select what you want to purchase.

Now, when you buy Diamonds, you’ll automatically be presented with the option to purchase with your Amazon Coins and save.

Note: There is a sales tax, so you may need to purchase more Coins than the value of the Diamonds to pay for the whole thing.